Atlaskit Components not supported in IE11 directly

Just thought I’d put together a quick thread here to get a bit more information on the subject.

So upon firing up our Add-On inside IE11 now it’s using some Atlaskit components, I noticed that the page where our content usually would go was missing a few key pieces… namely the ones that include Atlaskit components in them.

Turns out that things like Array.prototype.find and Array.prototype.include are being used in these packages which aren’t available in IE11.

Does this mean support for IE11 is being dropped or are we to use babel-polyfill globally when using Atlaskit components as this adds a lot more weight to bundle sizes?


yes, you have to import “babel-polyfill” or you can import single polyfill function from “core-js” package as we are doing:

import ‘core-js/modules/es7.array.includes’;
import ‘core-js/modules/es6.array.find’;


True that’s another way, the one I went with for now is using transform-runtime with babel-preset-env so it only includes things needed to support ie11 >

Ideally though, they could have used Array.prototype.some() in their codebase which is supported in ie11 and would save that extra weight but shrugs