@atlaskit/datetime-picker event problems

I have found few issues related to the event triggering in @atlaskit/datetime-picker

  1. Wrong order when firing events on datetime-picker clear action. Steps to reproduce:
    input the date, time and click the clear icon. Component triggers first onBlur
    and then onChange, which is the wrong order.

  2. DateTimePicker also triggers onBlur when switching between the date and the time
    inputs inside one DTP component. Probably it should trigger onBlur only when
    the focus it out of the whole DateTimePicker component.

  3. DateTimePicker clear (without focus) action should set and keep focus on
    DTP component after clear action. The same as it is done on the TimePicker. Otherwise we loose
    onBlur event.

@acampbell3 @AlexHinds @stephenmok @Klaus

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