Atlaskit documentation links are wrong?

A lot of links to Component docs from link to the docs built from the pre-release “Atlaskit MK-2” (see link below). These pre-release docs lack a fair few important components (like Text Field). The repo proclaims itself as “… a spike of the potential new build system to be shared by Atlaskit, Media and Fabric.” I’m guessing linking to this is a mistake?

Since the UI looks identical, it’s really hard to figure out why core components have gone missing and I’m scared I’m reading docs for something other than I will get from npm.



Hey @edave

Where exactly are you finding the link to the pre-release docs?


Oh I see some components are linking to the prerelease link you provided and some are not.

I’ll share this with the team.

Hey Dave :slight_smile:

We outgrew the architecture of our original repo, and rather than supporting 2 build systems in the same repo, we decided to build a new one and port things over. We’re nearly done (heading into the last sprint for it) and I apologise for the confusion in the current docs. I’d recommend just using the source code as the source of truth until the migration is complete. If a component’s src isn’t in Bitbucket then it hasn’t been migrated and will be in Bitbucket.

Again, we’re trying to minimise the confusion, but there are a lot of components to migrate across :slight_smile:

Let me know if there’s anything in particular you need help with (or ping me on Twitter).

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Thanks Sean. :slight_smile: Shall do. Glad to see you’re on this project. Loving your work. :+1:

Thanks Sean - any chance we could get a heads-up regarding changes like this in the future?

Then we don’t have to worry about where all the code has gone/which npm package we should use/which documentation we should read?

Hi Sean,

At the moment it doesn’t appear to be possible to raise issues against the new Bitbucket repo. Can you get that updated so I can provide some feedback on one of the new components?


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