Atlaskit editor-core compile error

I try to use
When I launched default code snippet

import { Editor } from '@atlaskit/editor-core';

  <Editor appearance="comment" />;

I received compile error:

./node_modules/@atlaskit/media-viewer/dist/esm/newgen/viewers/doc/pdfRenderer.jsAttempted import error: 'injectGlobal' is not exported from 'styled-components'.

injectGlobal was removed from styled-components in v.4.0 and I don’t have a clue how should I fix it.

Please, help me.

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Hi @belokurbohdan it looks like the Atlaskit packages are not compatible with styled-components version 4 and above:

    "styled-components": "^3.2.6"`

Can you try using the version 3 instead?


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