Atlaskit forms: FieldRadioGroup doesn't trigger form dirty

I’m recently working on a project using the Atlaskit form.
I found a problem that FieldRadioGroup doesn’t trigger the form’s dirtiness. Also, I wanted to manually trigger it by using setFieldValue([name, value]), it seems there’s no option to set it to value with dirtiness.
Hope there’s an optional object in the setFieldValue function I could use like in the React hook form

setValue('name', 'value', { shouldDirty: true })

Need that feature!
If anyone knows any possible solution, please let me know, thank you!

Hm… never mind, After I checked throught the document, I found this solved my problem:

                  label="required radio group"
                  {({ fieldProps }: { fieldProps: object }) => (
                    <RadioGroup {...fieldProps} options={colorItems} />