Atlaskit forms: how to create dynamic forms?

Hi everyone, I’m currently developing a Jira Cloud addon using Atlassian connect. The UI is implemented in React using Atlaskit. I need to create a form where you can add or remove dynamically an array of fields. For example, an user can have multiple addreses. Each address has a few fields like street, city, zipcode. When you press Add address, the form should show a new empty input group with those fields. Also, you could remove any of those input groups.

I checked the source code from @atlaskit/form and found out its based on final-form. In final-form you can extend it using final-form-arrays and react-final-form-arrays. This way, you can use FieldArray and with some mutations (push, pop) that are injected to the form I could achieve the functionality I’m looking for.

The problem is that @atlaskit/form instantiates the form and I couldn’t find a way to inject the properties needed to manage field arrays.

I wonder if anyone has solved this use case which should be pretty common using @atlaskit/form and has an example for it or if I should use final-form instead.

Thanks for your feedback.