Atlaskit HTML to ADF bugs

I use @atlaskit to convert HTML to ADF Sample code:

import { defaultSchema } from "@atlaskit/adf-schema";
import { JSONTransformer } from "@atlaskit/editor-json-transformer";
import { DOMParser } from "prosemirror-model";

function convertHTMLToADF(dom) {
    const pmNode = DOMParser.fromSchema(defaultSchema).parse(dom);
    const jsonTransformer = new JSONTransformer();
    const adf = jsonTransformer.encode(pmNode);
    return adf;

And I have some problem with generated output.

1) List item with link

Input DOM: <ul><li><a href="">Google</a></li></ul>
Output ADF: not valid, extra “marks” outside of text node. (When I delete it, then ADF is OK.)

1) List item with two links separated by a space

Input DOM: <ul><li><a href="">Google1</a> <a href="">Google2</a></li></ul>
Output ADF: valid, but links are as different paragraphs, not texts separated by a space.
This issue is in the Jira Cloud UI, too. Just copy the following to the clipboard:

and paste it in any Jira issue description. You see the list item content is broken into two paragraphs.