Atlaskit Navigation Next - Using Select2

We use select2, a jQuery select box replacement, on several old UI screens that we are now wrapping with AtlasKit’s Navigation Next component. These select2 boxes have been broken in Internet Explorer 11 since upgrading to Navigation Next:

Any ideas on what could be causing this? Perhaps it is due to how Navigation Next wraps the entire page? This sandbox, derived from the navigation-next examples, is not exactly the same to how we are rendering select2 in our app, but the behavior of the select2 is similar (weird resizing issues when clicked, elements popping up at the bottom of the page, etc.). In the sandbox, it is broken in Chrome and IE11.

Thanks for your time.

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This is what the select2 looked like in IE11 before wrapping the page in Navigation Next:


Since Atlassian dropped support for IE in the Atlassian Cloud (where AtlasKit is mostly used) I think you might be out of luck with this one. :frowning:

Yes, this indeed appears to be the case:

Atlaskit support for IE11 will end next month.