Atlaskit refinement-bar future plan

I have been using @atlaskit/refinement-bar. It was the only component that can be used to simulate issue search component. However it does not work with the latest versions of other Atlaskit components. I know that it was “designed for internal Atlassian development"and it was in " developer preview”. But, I want to know its future plans before I decide on quitting its usage on my project.

Is there any plan to make it compatible and work again? If not, is there any plan to build a new component to be used in issue search page?

Below is the screenshot of refinement-bar component.


I’m interested in the answer to this question as well. We use it for some of our projects and I’d like to understand if this is getting discontinues or are there plans to re-introduce it as part of atlaskit as a valid component.


I’ve asked internally and will get back to this thread with a response.

There are no plans to productionise this component, sorry :neutral_face:

I’d recommend replacing it with a Select component. You might have to customise it a bit to get the functionality you’re looking for.

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