Atlaskit starter highlights about innerProps

Hi guys, i’m new to atlassian dev community.

I’m planning to use atlaskit for my react project cause . the documentation is kinda awesome!

Actually i cannot understand what exactly is the field innerProps and what should i pass to it in calendar component.

Could someone give me a hand?

Hi! Thanks for raising the question :grinning:.

innerProps is used for passing extra props to the container component that wraps the Calender. Unfortunately it’s typed as an empty object atm ({}) so it’s not very helpful - we’ll get a fix for that up soon though!

You can see it being used here:

I can imagine people using this for adding extra styles, e.g. this example here does just that!

    style: {
      border: '1px solid red',
      display: 'inline-block',

Let me know how you go.