Atlassian API Token

What is the correct number of tokens that we can use at a time. In the documentation writes 50 tokens, but on the vendor site it says 250 tokens at a time?

Hi @Ivana1, can you share the link to the documentation where it says 50?

Here it is

I guess indeed documentation has not been updated, which, to be honest, is not really a surprise. It is recommended to always assume the information presented on the place where you are making the change (in this case the Private listings tab of the vendor management section) to be the most accurate.

Tagging @dmorrow / @rwhitbeck as they might be able to change the documentation to reflect the updated number.

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Thank you for the response

Hi @Ivana1 and @remie ,

I have created an issue for this for the Marketplace team to fix. The reference is Log in with Atlassian account, but unfortunately it’s not publicly visible.


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