Atlassian can delete this post - Confluence Cloud App Tokens Broken?

Update: You can delete this issue. Somehow our “private listings” became disabled and it wasn’t immediately apparent since none of us would ever disable them on our production instance. Re-enabling that setting fixed the issue.

I don’t have the ability to delete this.



We’re seeing a problem on some of our Confluence Cloud servers where there is no longer a field for what are called “Private listings access tokens”.

Several of our servers were using these app tokens for our apps both in production and for development but the field has disappeared. I don’t know if this is a bug accidentally introduced by the team working on “promo codes”, but the coincidental timing makes it seem possible.

We checked 5 of our servers, 2 servers (including a production Conf Cloud Server) had the problem and three did not. These did not coincide with EAP marked servers.

Screenshots below:

Access token field Broken/non-existent?

Is anyone else noticing this?

@ElaineH , perhaps you could shed some light or raise with the right team?



This issue is heating up for us. Our production site lost its access key for one of our plugins that we are using. Now that plugin is unlicensed.

We opened DEVHELP-5689 earlier this week (as a P2) and haven’t heard back.

Can we get some help w/ this? Did we miss something related to a change in promos/accesskeys or is there a problem w/ the system?