Atlassian Cloud Supported Browsers - Plans for adding TV browsers?

Hi, I use Confluence Cloud. As described in this link, the Atlassian team is doing a great job of supporting numerous browsers.

About extending this support, web browsers in TV products have caught my curiosity.
Recently, LG has announced the webOS 3.5.
Referring a demo video, the web browser in TV products seem to be improved a lot.

My team has thought about monitoring the Confluence or JIRA dashboard page with the LG TV 49UJ701V, which supports webOS 3.5.
With this browser, I don’t have to connect an extra computer to the TV to monitor the status.

However, we are not sure whether the Cloud products are compatible the webOS 3.5.

So my question is this;

Will Atlassian Cloud products be browsed smoothly with the webOS 3.5.?
This might seem to be a silly question. However, I have swallow knowledge related to web compatibility. So I wish for your understanding.

Also, does Atlassian have plans to test cloud products (mainly JIRA, JIRA service desk, Confluence) on webOS or other TV web browsers?

In my humble opinion, I think it will be terrific to browse Atlassian Cloud web pages with a single TV.

-Best Regards

Hi @mango922,

Thanks for joining us on the Atlassian Ecosystem developer community. This community is focussed on developers who build on top of our products and not on end-users and admins.

In the future, I would recommend asking usability questions on our dedicated User Community as you might get answers much quicker.

As to your question: if the browser is not in our supported list of browsers we cannot guarantee that everything will work. And we currently have no plans to start test our products on TV web browsers.


Thanks. Look like I made a mistake; I thought I was posting a thread on the Atlassian Community page.

Sorry for bothering ya.

-Best Regards

No problem, we just want to make sure you get the best experience we can offer and can quickly find the answers you need.

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