Atlassian Connect Add-on: add web-items in the existing 'Link' and 'Attach Files' dialogs

Hello, community,

is it possible within an Atlassian Connect Add-on (for Jira and Confluence) to insert custom web-items in the existing ‘Link’, ‘Attach Files’ dialogs?


  1. Add link: looks like we can use ‘create-issue-link-types’ web-section (Web Fragment Finder shows this section) but as the ‘Link’ dialog is not an iframe, it will not be possible to use this dialog for rendering the add-on’s content.
  2. Attach Files


  1. ‘Link’
  2. ‘Files and Images’ on Edit page screen.

Here are the places in Confluence and Jira where we would like to add our custom web-items:


Hi @nikolai.samotyrski,

I would suggest installing the app “Web Fragment Finder” to find possible locations you can put web items/web panels and it’ll show you what location to put in your app descriptor as well.

Anne Calantog

Hello, @acalantog,

yes, as I’ve mentioned we used “Web Fragment Finder” for finding web-items but it didn’t hint us which web-items to use for the cases shown on screenshots above (except for Link in Jira, which is ‘create-issue-link-types’ but the dialog is not
rendered in an IFrame).

Thank you.

Hi @nikolai.samotyrski,

Ooops. Missed that. Sorry. AFAIK, most locations are defined by Web Fragments app already.

Anne Calantog