Atlassian Connect Express app randomly fails to install


in the last couple of months we’ve been working on the development of an Atlassian Connect app with ACE framework.

We’ve always been able to install the app in development mode, the setup of the Confluence Cloud project didn’t changed, the configuration of app didn’t changed, but today it randomly stopped working:

  • credentials.json file with “”, admin email and admin API token;
  • atlassian-connect.json file with no changes in the last month;
  • Confluence Cloud instance in development mode.

Running npm run start correctly starts the node app, instantiates the ngrok tunnel but then fails registering the app saying “Add-on not registered; no compatible hosts detected”.

Also trying to install a deployed version of the app from the dashboard of Confluence Cloud fails.

Have you got any hint to solve the issue?
Thank you in advance.


Happens with me as well when I change atlassian-connect.json and try to reload the application, it says “Add-on not registered; no compatible hosts detected”. Try to check if your atlassian-connect.json is valid from here.

If you are using react, then try building your files as well before running the application.

npm run build && npm start

For me it works when i build the application before starting it. I am not sure of other possible reasons for this error.

Hi @SyedRafay , thank you for answering.

It looks like it was a Confluence internal problem.

Because yesterday morning I simply updated a .jsx file with a console.log, nothing more:

  • no changes to atlassian-connect.json
  • no changes to credentials.json
  • no changes to config.json
  • add-on not registered to Confluence project already

And yesterday evening, after 6/7 hours, everything started working again as expected.

I didn’t find anything in the docs, so let me ask: do you know if there’s some sort of limit for the numbers of times a development add-on gets registered to a cloud project? Maybe I got banned for a short period? :smiley:

This could be a reason, but I don’t have any knowledge and I never came across API rate limiting topic on documentation as well :smile: