Atlassian Connect Express Database Access

I’m running Postgres via the Sequelize adapter configured in the config.json for ACE.
This works fine (I can see the DB data after install).
I would like to know how to use the Postgres adapter for storing additional data to a new table, however I can’t find any examples of how this can be done for an ACE- based Jira add-on.

Can anyone help?

Hi @stevemac, there is an example on how to create a model and add an entry in the ACE test/store_test.js file.

OR as an alternative, we have an opensource boilerplate app based on ACE, it will help you get started quick with building features without having to worry much about all the “wiring”. You can check it out here:


Thanks @biro! Just checking this out now, but it looks good. Great example.
I will also check out the boilerplate framework.

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