Atlassian Connect Express with Fastify


I am using Fastify on by backend and was wondering if there’s a way to use Atlassian Connect Express (ACE) on top of Fasify rather then Express?


After just recently playing around with ACE (in the discussion here), I found it isn’t super extendable. I got what I needed done with it, but it won’t work for what you need out of the box.

I think your options would be:

  1. Just use Express for your Connect app, and use ACE as is.
  2. Fork the repo for ACE, and change 6 or so places where they interact with the express handler (, and check that the middleware still works too.

You could even do #2 in a way that lets you set in the config that you’re using Fastify instead of Express and allow both (and make a Pull Request into atlassian-connect-express. But then they might have to rename the repository haha)