Atlassian Connect webItem only visible to specific users

In our app we would want to show certain webItems in the atlassian-connect.json only to specific users (the users who should see it are set up in our app, not on the Atlassian side). My first idea was to add an addon property with a list of the users that are allowed to see the items and then use some clever condition to show it to these users. Looking at the documentation it seems like it’s not possible to access the user account id from atlassian-connect.json - Is this correct or did I miss something?

Maybe someone has another idea on how this can be accomplished. Those ideas are very welcome!

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Can you set a user property on the user themselves? Then you can target a condition against the user object.

Note - entity property are insecure and you should not use them for security purposes alone.


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Thanks for the suggestion @danielwester.

Unfortunately we need this to work both through Confluence and Jira and the ability to add user properties does nnot seem to be available through the Confluence API.

It’s still very much apprecciated that you took time to respond here, thanks!

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