Atlassian has enabled app purchasing on the new billing engine for cloud customers without apps

As we’ve outlined in our Partner Portal resources and previous announcements, cloud app purchasing has been enabled on the new billing engine.

Currently, the only customers who are on the new billing engine are new cloud customers who do not have any Marketplace apps installed. However, if these customers choose to install apps moving forward, they will make their purchases using the new billing engine.

Partners should prepare in the following ways:

The new cloud billing engine will provide an improved billing experience for cloud customers and Marketplace Partners with cloud apps, with new options like:

  • Editions for cloud apps on Atlassian Marketplace (you can find details and a timeline for this in-progress feature on the Partner Portal here)
  • Marketplace Partners will be able to receive contact information for free customers (to be delivered in the future)
  • A single billing engine for all cloud products with a consolidated view of subscriptions across sites
  • Better user experience and support for partners and customers to manage cloud subscriptions

However, the transition will result in some permanent and some temporary changes for Marketplace Partners, including:

  • permanent SEN will be replaced by EntitlementId and EntitlementNumber
  • permanent New flow and API for creating promo codes
  • temporary App archival and paid to free conversion will temporarily require support (reach out here if you’d like to convert your paid app to free)
  • permanent Renewals will be created automatically by the system (no need to create a new order)

We do not currently plan to migrate any existing customers with cloud apps until early next year, so the bulk of the reporting changes through the new billing engine will arrive then. We will communicate with you when we have a firm date for this step, but in the meantime you can view the full schedule here.

Net new customers who are already on the new billing engine may begin purchasing apps on the new system going forward. If you have not done so yet, please review the resources listed above as soon as possible.

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Hi, does this mean contact information for free-for-all apps or free apps in terms of the app edition tier?

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Hi @ernst.stefan ,
This means that both free-for-all apps and free edition of paid apps will be available in reports. The timing for both will be different though.

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