Atlassian-jwt-py fixes to please

I can’t seem to fork, create issues, or anything else for Bitbucket so I’m hoping here is the right thing to do.

I’m creating a new module using setuptools that depends on atlassian_jwt

I’ve added the following to my script


and as such, when i try to python install my module, it seems to run in the atlassian_jwt module, which tries to run pypandoc.convert for, which does not exist in the source distro.

Can someone with access add:

$ cat

Also it would be awesome if install_requires gets added atlassian-jwt which includes PyJWT so I don’t have to require it in my module

Thanks for reaching out @halkeye, I’ve reached out internally to see how we can fix this.

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Hi @halkeye, Thanks for the feedback. I have a pull request up for review at Bitbucket

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I’m playing around with making my own ac-flask module. I’m pretty much learning setuptools as I go. I’m so excited

1.8.1 is on pypi now - atlassian-jwt · PyPI

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YAY! I was able to build my module!