Atlassian Plugin SDK 6.2.14 support for Jira 7.4.1 (or 7.4.2)


I am part of a team that developed a plugin with sdk 6.2.14. According to the documentation

this version supports the JIRA Server 6.4.14 - 7.2.0. What should I do in order to make the plugin compatible with the 7.4.1 or 7.4.2 version. Will a new SDK be released soon?

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The SDK is compatible with 7.4 - you just have to specify the version in the Pom. My guess is that the version range doesn’t get updated since they’re independent dev teams.

@daniel is correct. The versions shown are the versions of Jira the SDK was tested against at the time of the release of the SDK.

You can specify the version of Jira to use in the pom. If you find any issues with Jira 7.4.x or 7.5 then please raise an issue.

Thank you. I have modified the pom and no compilation errors were raised when the Jira version was modified.

Don’t rely on the API being the same when testing minor version changes. It’s a good first step but the functionality underneath may change (integration tests are really important).