Atlassian Plugin Test Console - what happened to it?

I’ve got a Jira plugin project (created in 2014), which had a developer toolbar and a test console for integration tests: http://localhost:2990/jira/plugins/servlet/it-test-console
The test console servlet still lists all my tests, but I can’t run them, because it uses the deprecated FastDev.
I tried to re-enable FastDev, but AMPS 6.3.15 seems to ignore enableFastdev.

My question: is there still a way to run integration tests using some kind of test console?

I think FastDev was deprecated/removed:

is there still a way to run integration tests using some kind of test console?

Yes, but not using historic frameworks.

We use a support framework called atlassian-arquillian-container written by Adaptavist, that makes use of current QuickReload approach. This means you can write a ‘Junit’ test, which gets deployed to a bootstrapped JIRA (as part of the build), gets JIRA / your addon public components injected, enabling full integration testing, its awesome.

In such a case, your IDE is the test console, and Junit is the output, your build is the engine to drive it.

As the framework doesnt need more than public interface access to operate, and no server side changes, you can also drive tests against a ‘real’ instance. An example customer ‘acceptance test’ project is here which should give you a start. Credentials for jira access are in src/test/resources/arquillian.xml


Thank you very much. I still wonder, why nobody seems to miss the developer toolbar, though…

probably, nobody used it, the build is king, manually driving tests is, well, manual.

We are still using the Plugin Test Console by simple patching the the Fast Dev REST point. It’s not nice but works for the size of plugins we are developing, if you are still interested in using it, then you can find a tutorial here: