Atlassian Scheduler API Not working

I am trying to use the Atlassian Scheduler API for plugin development.
I am trying to import the component SchedulerService for the same using @ComponentImport but it is not working for me. I am following the example:

But run time it is not working for me. My plugin gets disabled. Is there an annotation based example available for this I am using Jira 8 and above.

the best way would be to follow instructions from this article

It always worked for us.
Hope that helps,

I already followed the article, but run time I don’t get the instance of Scheduler Service and it always gives null to me. I implemented using SAL library and it works fine for me, but library is deprecated now. I am trying this on Jira 8.3 and also the Scheduler Library 3.0 that comes packaged with SDK.
If you could help I can share my code snippets here to show the code I implemented for this.

I am having similar issue with scheduler service. @PrerakDiwan were you able to resolve this?


are you talking about com.atlassian.scheduler.SchedulerService?

If yes, I succesfully imported it via

    public SchedulerService importSchedulerService() {
        return importOsgiService(SchedulerService.class);

using Springs Java-based container configuration.