Atlassian Streams 8.6 released - code deprecations and migration guide

In the enterprise data center platform team we are preparing for the next major release of our Platform, with that comes some new deprecations and our intent to remove deprecated code. The latest deprecations for Atlassian Streams can be found in version 8.6.0 which was released in November, 2021.

We intend to remove some existing deprecations from Atlassians as part of the next major platform release (Atlassian Streams ver. 9.0). At your earliest convenience please where possible migrate to alternative code paths once the host product supports the above version of Streams.

Here’s the migration guide with listing of all code deprecated.

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Thanks for the heads-up @MaciejSmolczewski - the migration guide is still ‘inheriting restrictions from a parent page’ and thus not accessible for us, can you please make it public?

We have this problem too.

Can you try now? I’ve moved it to a public space.
Edit. Can sb confirm that it worked?

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I still cannot access this page, i got the message : ‘You’ve stumbled on a restricted space’

It worked for me right after you posted the comment, and it still does, so there seem to be different access levels in play - given the page itself is public, maybe not everyone has access to the space, which says it’s ‘restricted’ when accessed via an anonymous browser?

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