AtlassianHostRepository Error: Unable to implement Session Management in Atlassian Connect app

Hi Team,

We have an Atlassian Connect add-on installed at .

Trying to implement Session Management with redis and followed this link,

When followed the link above, the code get the errors as below,



atlassian-connect-spring-boot requires a bean of type ‘com.atlassian.connect.spring.AtlassianHostRepository’ that could not be found. This repository is used for storing installation data.

Choose a Spring Data implementation to use with AtlassianHostRepository, and enable Repository scanning with the appropriate @Enable${store}Repositories annotation. If you choose Spring Data JPA, consider using atlassian-connect-spring-boot-jpa-starter.

Any further implementation needed?

Please help!

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Hi @ramjeevan.tadi,

we can’t provide detailed support on this kind of advanced usage, but your application needs to have exactly one AtlassianHostRepository component. How that component is created will depend on which Spring Data implementation you use (or if you use something else entirely).

If you use one Spring Data implementation for AtlassianHostRepository and also use spring-data-redis for your sessions, you will need to be careful to get the configuration right.


Hi @epehrson Thank you for the quick response!

Sure, I will try to implement one of the Spring data implementation with ATlassianHostRepository.


Ramjeevan Tadi

Hello @ramjeevan.tadi , did you solve this problem? I get the same error while trying to use redis.

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