When using the Spring boot starter, it finds an implementation of AtlassianHostRepository, should we use a separate repository that we set up? (datasource url to set in spring.datasource.url)

AtlassianHostRepository is an object used for just getting details about the hosts that the Connect app has been installed on. You will still need to provide a JDBC connection in your Spring Boot configuration, and the AtlassianHostRepository will make use of this.

For Atlassian Connect Spring Boot, you manage the service and the hosting off all components of the service.

I don’t think it will work with a NoSQL database like DynamoDB as it requires a JDBC connection.

You can see the Javadoc here → AtlassianHostRepository - atlassian-connect-spring-boot-api 3.0.1 javadoc

For example, in my very simple test application I have

    url: jdbc:h2:file:./target/db/morem
    driverClassName: org.h2.Driver
    username: sa`

And then I can use all the regular Spring Data tools to access the data.

If you need to use DynamoDB, you will need to set up a separate database connection in the configuration.

Hope this helps.


Where can I find rdbms or nosql ddl documentation? Should I look at the AtlassianHost class and configure it myself?

Hi @wsj,

You don’t need to configure AtlassianHostRepository. When you use Atlassian Connect Spring Boot, it will intercept calls to the /installed endpoint in your service and register details of app installations with the required details. You only need to inject using @Inject or @Autowired as necessary to use it.

As for ddl documentation, there’s plenty out on the Internet. I’d suggest you look at Spring Data as it will handle all the data access needs. A good start might be Introduction to Spring Data JPA | Baeldung.

You can review the atlassian/atlassian-connect-spring-boot-samples code for some ideas as well.


The question was whether I should configure the repository that connects to the atlassianhost repository myself. (ex: mysql, (jpaRepository), dynamo db)

Hi @wsj,

As I mentioned before, the code AtlassianHostRepository will use whatever is defined in your Spring Boot for a datasource connection. So, yes, you do need to configure it.