Atlassian's API throws {"error":"No value present"} intermittently with a status code 500 when calling wiki/rest/api/content/{pageId}/history/{pageVersion}/macro/id/{macroId} API

Hey devs,

During the daily monitoring of our apps, the team has found that we are having a high number of 500 response errors in one of our Confluence Cloud apps that mainly depends on this REST api wiki/rest/api/content/{pageId}/history/{pageVersion}/macro/id/{macroId}, and by further investigation we found that this api was the reason of the high 500 response errors with the response body {"error":"No value present"}.

It is worth mentioning that the api is intermittently failing for the same set of parameters while other times it works correctly, which is not the expected behavior.

The question now, is there a reason why this is happening irregularly and whether there is a way to better handle this api other than a simple try...catch that does not just suppress the issue?