Atlskit select on form submit?

Hi anyone!
I’m newbie in front-end development :roll_eyes: and I’m stuck on select component behaviour.

My backend receives JSON object like this

"checkpointId": 1

When I use atlaskit component in my form, I got next submitted value:

"checkpointId": {
"name" : "Default",
"value": 1

And the question: where shoud I put logic for changing this json object before sending to the server? Is it should be on my redux actions or perhaps in this select field state?
I try to make different ways to change value before submitting, but I’m stuck on select with multiple options.
Did anyone try to do something like that?

Hi @belokurbohdan,

I don’t quite understand what’s happing with the mismatch in your select component, but I tend not to use forms these days. I arrange UI components so they look like a form, keeping their combined state in the component that the form components are children of. The combined state is updated as each component changes in response to user actions. The submission of the state occurs with an Ajax request in response to a button’s onClick handler.