Attach flags outside the addon iframe

Hi everyone,

Actually in my addon, I’m using the messages aui module. One of its limitations it that messages do not support html. So, I’m changing all messages to Flags. However, I’m facing a strange behaviour. When using messages, they are appended inside a div with id=ac-message-container, which is located outside the addon iframe. On the other side, flags are appended inside a div with id=aui-flag-container, that is located inside the addon iframe. Being located inside the iframe is a problem because if I scroll down the iframe down, I miss the flag. This happens because the flag is fixed on the top of the iframe. On the other hand, given that messages are fixed in the top if the page (outside the iframe) they are constantly seen even if I’m scrolling the iframe down.

I really need to use Flags because I need to inject HTML inside them, but I’d like the behaviour of messages. Is there any way for me to achieve that?

Thanks in advance.