Attachment actions

Hello. Does anyone know how add actions for attachments?
For example as it is done in the GoEdit plugin. Like this:

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Hi @aldrfedorov97,

I would recommend using the requestConfluence bridge:

This will allow you to invoke REST API using the current signed in user. From there you can use any of the Attachment related endpoints, for this specifically, seems like you would want the Create Attachment endpoint


Hello @heinzen,
Apparently you misunderstood me. I meant how can I add a link(button) to the action menu for attachments.

Dear @heinzen ,

I would also be interested in learn how this can be done. I know that you can use a webItem in Connect to add a button to the attachment actions but in Forge I did not see any possibility in the docs. In addition the people form Cenote also managed to add a status next to attachment title - this possibility is also unknown for me (both in Forge and Connect).

Thank you and best regards


Hi @andreas1 and @aldrfedorov97,

Thank you for letting me know. I actually had a misunderstanding so I apologize for that. Forge currently does not support attachment modules, you are correct. The modules listed here are available. I am checking with our team to find or raise a feature request to extend this in specific.


Dear @heinzen, thank you. In addition it would be interesting how they added a status next to the attachment title as indicated in my post before.