Attachment URI for Downloading Images

I’m attempting to get an attachment URI in order to download images from my Confluence space into another word-processing editor. I am using the GetAttachments API to get all the attachment information for a given Confluence page, but am struggling to find the URI. I noticed that the API returns a links object that includes a download link for each attachment. That link looks like this:


This looks promising, so I am wondering what I need to append to this download link in order to form the attachment URI so that I can download the image.

Hi @AndrsBeckRuiz ,

You should be able to prepend your Confluence Cloud tenant URL to the path identified by the download parameter(s) from the GET /wiki/rest/api/content/{id}/child/attachment results.

For example, if the base URL of your tenant is, the absolute URL to attachments will look like

Note the /wiki at the start of the path.

I’ve created CONFCLOUD-74412 to request the documentation be improved.


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