Audit logging of viewing issue

I need to create an audit log of viewing issues. There doesn’t seem to be an event to create an EventListener for. How could I get notified when someone is viewing an issue?

Have you considered using a web panel and having the html phone home with a record of the view? You should be able to get the user and all the meta data you need.

I’ve just started with my first plugins2 plugin containing EventListeners, so I haven’t got to “web panels” yet. Would this be good solution? I’m thinking that if the thml is calling home it would be possible to block by the user and that wouldn’t comply by our audit requirements.

Other options I’ve been thinking about is to have a servlet-filter or to (somehow) hook into the IssueService/IssueManager in Jira. The drawback of the filter is to know all possible URLs that could be used to get hold of an issue.