Auditability of API Keys

Hi there

We’ve recently started down to path of migrating from server to cloud. We’ve customized our server instance quite a bit so will be doing more or less the same with our cloud instance, using both Forge and Rest APIs.

My question is regarding the tokens generated for Rest API use: Is there a way (or is there something on the roadmap) that will allow us to monitor 1) who has created Rest API tokens, 2) what permissions are allocated to those tokens and 3) what activity has taken place using those tokens?

I know for question 1 I can use the Cloud Admin User Management API to get tokens for a single user. By going through each user, we should be able to pull a comprehensive list of all keys in play.

Is there any API or Cloud Admin dashboard or something one can use to pull all of these stats? Our organization needs to ensure that our AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Auditability) is in place and that any potential misuse can be identified and monitored.