AUI documentations Required field is not working inside the Table tag for the select option label. please Help?

  <form class="aui" action="FeedbackViewAction.jspa" method="post">
      <div class="aui-group">                                       
            <div class="aui-item">  
    <table align = "center">				                      
       <tr id="customerSurvey" rel="customer-survey" class="customerSurvey hover" colspan = "2">
           <td class="proj"><label for = "select2-project">Project:<span class="aui-icon icon-required"> required</span></label></td>
           <td class="project">                              	
                <select id="select2-project" name="project"> </select>

Also help me how to pop up a message below the field or above, when the user is not giving the value for the required field

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It’s a combination of things happening. icon-required comes from the form part of aui. It really likes:
<div class="field-group"> so if you wrap your label with that things should work properly.

That said - any reason why you’re not just doing <form class="aui"> and skipping the table piece?


Thanks for reply. Actually i didn’t show you the entire code, i have used the class=“aui”, but i didn’t use “field-group” class.
After using the field group class, the table data is not aligned properly.

 <td class="proj"><div class = "field-group"/><label for = "select2-project">Project:<span class="aui-icon icon-required"> required</span></label></td> 


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fixed it by adding width and float css attributes

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