AUI elements (HTML placement) - plugin

Hello, I’m new to the Jira development. Is there any basic step by step tutorial how to work with AUI elements? I’ve read its documentaion but not completely sure where to place the HTML concept of those compoments. I’ve read about vm files, template renderers, webworks and servlets solutions but I can’t figure out the basic connection between these things. Is there an easy way how I can say to JS "in this file there’s a representaion of some element, let’s show it up with JIRA JS API?

Hi Martin,
Generally you need multiple things:

  • WebworkActions = The Server-Side Controllers that serve your HTML
  • Velocity Templates = Where your server-side HTML is defined (The WebworkAction injects data into the template and sends it to the Browser)
  • static JS/CSS files served as bundles via the atlassian-plugin.xml

Even though my tutorial is a little outdated (Jira 7 API level) it might still help to get an understanding of how everything works together. Have a look :slight_smile:

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This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much (even for the great tutorial).