AUI from npm and dist files

AUI 9.5 from npm includes in the dist directory:




What is the difference? I believe the nodeps files contain jQuery UI code. However jQuery UI is not listed as a dependency for AUI usage in the documentation at - AUI Documentation .

I’m asking because I want to include AUI in a .hbs template, and need to know which files to include.
I understand that I must include jQuery separately.

Hi @marc , from the AUI changelog:

  • A new aui-prototyping.nodeps.js was added, which excludes the Backbone and Underscore libraries. Consumers must first ensure that jQuery, Backbone, and Underscore are available before this bundle is loaded.

If you want to use this file you will have to provide the required dependencies.

Maciej Adamczak
Atlassian Developer


@madamczak Thank you for the clarification.