AUI Inline Dialog 2 bug

We have received a recent customer bug report that our plugin doesn’t work when installed with another popular plugin. Upon investigation we found out that there is a conflict between these two plugins because of AUI inline Dialog 2. What happens is that our plugin’s frontend React components won’t load because we have a ‘share’ button that uses an inline dialogue 2 popup.

The specific browser console error that shows up is "Uncaught Error: A component definition of type “t” with the ID of “aui-inline-dialog” already exists. I’ve tried changing all identifiers and IDs related to that single inline dialog but to no avail. Our solution eventually was to revert back to the deprecated inline dialog for this button where this fix now seems to work. However, I don’t find this to be the perfect fix since we are still using a deprecated web resource. Any thoughts?

Hi @abdullah.a,

Is this problem still happening? If so, can you please create a ticket in our Developer Support Service Desk so you can share more details around this in private (customer instance, plugin names,…).

You can find the Developer Support Service Desk here: Jira Service Management