Auto transitioning issue

Hi all
As part of our staff onboarding process - we create a few issues via the REST API and are also required to transition them through the workflow - there are 4 steps to get it to ‘closed’.

I have referred to the documentation when initially deving this.

An issue we picked up is that, the script intermittently results in a 400 stating “Can’t move (KEY-3742). You might not have permission, or the issue is missing required information. If you keep having this problem, contact your Jira Administrator.” - The problem is the documentation says there are 5 possibilities for the 400 error. Returned if:

  • no transition is specified.
  • the user does not have permission to transition the issue.
  • a field that isn’t included on the transition screen is defined in fields or update .
  • a field is specified in both fields and update .
  • the request is invalid for any other reason.

The below is what we do per issue that is auto created via API as well:

  1. Create issue
  2. Wait 5s for the create to complete
  3. Transition 1
  4. Wait 5s for the transition to complete
  5. Transition 2
  6. Wait 5s for the transition to complete
  7. Transition 3
  8. Wait 5s for the transition to complete
  9. Transition 4
  10. Wait 5s for the transition to complete
  11. Loop back to 1 above for the next issue

On trying this same script, it works smoother - but still intermittently fails some transitions.

Please advise?
Thank you

Has anyone else experienced this before?

Posting again … any takers? :slight_smile:

@YatishMadhav Hi. I am taking a look at this. Will update you as soon as I have an answer

Thanks @aagrawal2 - appreciate you checking into it - any update, please?

Hi - any update or progress on this please, @aagrawal2 ? Thank yoyu