Automate AMKT releases for server (P2) apps

K15t by now has 18 supported and public apps in the Atlassian Marketplace and still manages the releases to the AMKT for those listings manually.
We would like to automate this process, finally. So I would love to hear your opinions and approaches.

To make the task at hand a little less intimidating - normally we will only upload a new jar/obr, create the release info and release info details, the detailed release notes are linked to at our (tada) Confluence.

Thanks for your thoughts and input. Cheers, Chris


I did a lightning talk on this subject at the 2012 Half Moon Bay AtlasCamp, unfortunately I don’t think it was recorded.

We did use a plugin that we created in 2012 called Marketplace Add-on Publisher to publish Bamboo arefacts directly to the Marketplace. ShipIt to Marketplace for Bamboo has pretty much has the same functionality as the plugin we published in 2012 so there is no reason why it shouldn’t work.

There is the Continuous Plugin Deployment for Bamboo which is handy for deploying JARs or OBRs to test environments.

In the last few years we’ve moved away from using Bamboo add-ons for performing the deployment and publishing operations, to using own scripts and the REST API. We’ve taken this approach so we can run the whole build and release process locally for emergency situations, and this also allows us to move builds to Bitbucket pipelines

We publish new versions to the marketplace as ‘private’ so a human can go in and add the release notes before making the version public.

If you are at Summit I’m happy to chat about this more.

Hi Alan, thanks for the input.

We are using the Continuous Plugin Deployment for Bamboo as well, it works good for deploying to our dev and staging environments.

Unfortunately I am not at Summit this year, but I will ask my colleague @jens to get in touch with you at summit. Thanks for the offer.
Cheers, Christoffer