Automatically create a new ticket based on a status


I need to design environment so when a ticket’s stats is “Done” in “A” project, a new ticket should be generated in “B” project. I know I can use API, create an exe file and make it work under schedule for each minute, so when my condition meets, it creates a new ticket. But I would like to find an alternative way, maybe using triggers, web hooks and post functions? Any ideas please?

the easiest is to use a workflow post-function, but for that you’ll need an “app” (add-on). Many offer this capability - with ScriptRunner you’ll be able to write Groovy code for that, and there are more point-and-click options such as Jira Misc Workflow Extensions or Create on Transition for Jira.

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Thanks for your reply. I would not like to use add-on, maybe if there was a way to make an exe file work on a transaction (without add-on) the problem could be solved. Can’t I create a new ticket using web hooks?