Automatically join rooms which you've been invited to



I’ve been playing around with the rest api for a new project which involves a pattern of creating short lived rooms on a fairly frequent basis.

There might be a new room for a user every 30 seconds at peak times and the room might have a lifespan of 2-10 minutes.

The idea is that each room represents a discreet task for the user to complete. The room will host all the information that the user needs to complete the task as and when it becomes available, and when the task is completed the room will be deleted.

One slight hindrance I’ve come across with this implementation is that I can’t seem to specify that I would like to automatically join rooms without the need of clicking join in the invitation dialog. If the user is currently working on one task and then another comes in I would like them to be notified in a non obtrusive way as opposed to a modal dialog.

I appreciate that this is an edge case, but any pointers on how this might be achieved (if at all) would be super helpful!



If they are private rooms you should be able to use (haven’t tried it):


Thanks for the response Daniel. I have tried that but it doesn’t seem to notify the user (it doesn’t show up in the list of rooms etc.)

Could someone from Atlassian clarify whether that’s the expected behavior?