Automating Jira with triggers

Hi Team,

I am new to Jira Cloud.

I have a requirement where I need to use a trigger (creation of an issue link) and show appropriate errors to UI.

I have defined the trigger in manifest.yml as follows
- key: issue-tracker-trigger
function: issueevents
- avi:jira:created:issuelink
- avi:jira:deleted:issuelink

and under function
- key: issueevents
handler: index.issueEvents

The method inside index.js gets triggered whenever a user creates / deletes an issueLink. Great.
I was able to see log response in forge logs and my code is functional.

But based on my logic, I need to show the error message to the UI. Which I am not able to do,

It seems that inorder to show UI, we need to do that in App.js of the child folder.

I have tried changing the function handler to a method in App.js so that I can render UI easily but couldn’t do.

Is there any option I can try?