"Available in the Atlassian Marketplace" graphics with ADG3

Are there any “Available in the Atlassian Marketplace” graphics that reflect the new ADG3 style?

I’m working on some pages on our website and would like to add a button, that Atlassian Marketplace users will recognize, which links to our marketplace listing. We used to have these buttons, but I can’t seem to find them anymore. And I guess they don’t really fit in with the new ADG3 style anymore.


Hi Maarten, We currently do not have newly styled buttons for linking to marketplace. i know what you are referring to and we do have this in the queue to work on. I will add your request and see if we can get an ETA.


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Thank you Kelly! In this case we will add a button of our own.
There’s no rush on our side, we will just replace it when it’s finished.


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