Average # of new issues / month?

Hi all,

We are trying to get a sense of our Jira Cloud customers in terms of size of their instances.

How would you characterize a “big” customer look like in terms of total issues, Jira projects, new issues per month?

For context, our team is working on some bulk processing of issues-- ultimately, we want to build in limits to ensure things are done efficiently. Any insight would be much appreciated!

Hi @svalencia

Thanks for asking and building your app with scale in mind :slight_smile:

At this moment any Jira site with 500k issues would be considered large, but it’s more and more common to come across sites with a few Millions of issues. Then, we observe roughly 10% issues growth each month. However, some customers, especially with intensive usage of Jira Service Desk grow at 25% issues each month.
Interestingly, we see very little correlation between number of projects and number of issues, but for app development purposes you can assume 1:1000 ratio of project:issues.

Hope that helps.