Average Time in Status widget to broad selection alternative

Hi, my company has generated about 150 statuses across different projects and boards. So when I want to select what “Statuses” to include in the widget it becomes quit impossible to find the correct one. Is there a way to only show statuses from selected project or board.

Name of the widget I am trying to recreate is the. “Average Time in Status”


There is Get all statuses for project endpoint in api. Just notice that it returns statuses per issue type and therefore some statuses can be present several times in the response.

I think there can be one more gotcha point: if you do it for some board and the filter for that board allows issues from other projects to appear, then there is possibility that those issues will have different type, can be transitioned to other statuses that the Get all statuses for project will not return to you.

From the other point of view: you want to write average time in status. Sounds like you need to parse issues’ history for search for transitions and calculating time in specific statuses. Wouldn’t it be enough to get the statuses from the issue transitions? Just something to think about.

Hope this helps.

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