Azure Integration

Is there any plugins available to connect JIRA Service Desk to Azure DevOps? What I am trying to determine is the functionality to automatically create Azure DevOps board items from the Service Desk automatically.

Any information or article reference would be very helpful.

@SureshKumar there appear to be quite a number of Marketplace apps/integrations between Jira and Azure DevOps.


Thanks for the link on the apps. One other general question: Will these plugins work normally work with the online hosted version you subscribe to? Or, will we need a on-premise version? We are using the service desk product and I am assuming there is a way to configure these 3rd party plugins.

@SureshKumar - should have asked that first… do you run JSD on-prem (server/DC) or in the cloud?

We use the cloud version subscription.

Any suggestion/information based on the cloud version we use?

i am also looking for this type of plugin can someone tell me the right way from where i can get this plugin i never found it on WordPress and some other platforms my job also affecting from this issue bcz i have less time period left.