Backup/Restore of Active Objects data in Confluence 5.10.8


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The product’s existing database backup/restore (or export/import) mechanisms take care of backing up the plugin data. Note: Backup/restore is fully integrated with JIRA 5.0, but is not yet integrated with all products. Beware of this detail when developing an Active Objects plugin or using another plugin that uses Active Objects.

So, I need to know the details as to whether or not the backup/restore functions of Confluence 5.10.8 will backup our plugin’s data that is stored using Active Objects. Can anyone point to some information to determine this?

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No answer yet, huh? great

Did you wait three months without trying it yourself?

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Try what? Documenting the details myself? If I tried to fill all the holes in the Atlassian documentation myself, I would never get anything done.