Bamboo application is not working in Bamboo6.9 any more


I am the developer of the Bamboo application

For time being, I am checking compatibility for the application on Bamboo 6.9.
The application works fine using Bamboo 6.8.4
In Bamboo 6.9.0 (and 6.9.1), some pages are not working any more.
There is for example the URL:


which works fine using Bamboo 6.8.4. When I want to see the same panel using Bamboo 6.9.0, Bamboo sends an “Unexpected error” page. From the Bamboo 6.9.0-logs:

2019-06-05 16:41:37,615 INFO [http-nio-6990-exec-4] [BuildResultsSummaryAwareInteceptor]
 Action' is buildResultsSummaryAware 
 but no build number can be found BuildResultsSummary not available.

The class CheckstyleJobResultLinksXWork is extending, and I am using: , which worked fine until Bamboo 6.9.0.

Maybe some dependency injection in BuildResultsAction is broken?

I have had a look at the Bamboo 6.9 release history, but cannot find any issue, which seems to be related to my problem.

Try changing planKey parameter’s name to buildKey

Follow up: this is actually a bug which we are going to fix in Bamboo 6.9.3:

Thanks for the feedback, @mgardias. I would have loved to post the bug myself in the issue tracker.