Bamboo License for plugin development

Hi all,

I started on a plugin creation for bamboo. when i run atlas run i have a local installation of bamboo but it asks for license. the current license seems to be expired on 29 October 2016. How do i fix that. Can i get a developer license.


If you’re running bamboo through the sdk, just restart the sdk and the license will become valid again. If you’ve got a local staging instance outside of the sdk - go ahead and buy a $10 license - you’ll appreciate having access to the source code as well :slight_smile:

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Thanks Daniel for a very quick response. It worked. I will love to get the source code as well, will get the license for sure.

Daniel, where can I find the Bamboo source code? I do have a licence for Bamboo and Jira, but not sure where I can find the source code for Bamboo. That would be really helpful for what I’m doing.
Thank you!

@pieter, you can download the source from if you select the product in the list you will see a couple of links. One to download the product, one for the license and one link for the source download page.


Thanks @remie! Can’t believe I never saw that before. Really helps with what I’m doing.