Bamboo recipient issue


We developed Microsoft Teams Bamboo Connector and very occasionally our customers see the following mix of our recipient with HipChat. We couldn’t repro it locally (have tried multiple times). Compared it with the open source Slack connector and there is no much difference.

49 AM

Any advice, help is really appreciated.


We are still waiting for some suggestions or a piece of advice.

Just a wild speculation, but are your add-on resource files residing under properly namespaced paths?

I faintly recall that we had a similar issue in the past where an add-on of ours used an file in the top level src/main/resources directory, which resulted in a collision for some i18n entries with identical names to those from another add-on. (Also hard to reproduce, as depending on add-on installation and/or loading order.)

Moving all our resource files (except for atlassian-plugin.xml) to namespace subdirectories beneath src/main/resources fixed that.

PS: The conflict might also have been an identical named template, e.g. using editNotification.ftl and colliding with the identically named HipChat add-on version (as said, faint memory only)